Afghan Students Face Uncertainty and Distress

Posted 1:28am Saturday 11th September 2021 by Oscar Francis

Following the defeat of the American-lead coalition by the Taliban in mid-August, a humanitarian crisis has ensued. Seeing the Taliban retake the capital, the ensuing refugee crisis, and the failure of our institutions to respond adequately has been tough on Otago’s Afghan Read more...

Myanmar Fundraiser Yeeted From Campus Then Promptly Un-Yeeted

Posted 9:48pm Saturday 10th April 2021 by Denzel Chung

The University initially refused to allow an on-campus food fundraiser for activists in Myanmar, but reversed its decision after a “strongly-worded email” from OUSA President Michaela Waite-Harvey. The fundraising Burmese students were shocked when Property Services said their food Read more...

“Fear on Both Sides”: Students and Community March in Support of Burmese People

Posted 12:00pm Sunday 21st March 2021 by Fox Meyer

On Saturday 13 March, 60 people walked from the Train Station to Octagon in solidarity with the people of Myanmar. The mix of students and community members gave speeches and protested the military coup that took place in Myanmar on the first of February.  Eileen Corcoran of Radio One was at Read more...

Dunedin Students Worried For Their Families in Myanmar

Posted 4:38pm Saturday 6th March 2021 by Aiman Amerul Muner

As the Myanmar Coup continues to unfold, students in Dunedin with deep ties to the Southeast Asian country can only watch and wait in fear. Two students from Myanmar spoke to Critic about the ongoing unrest. “It’s no longer safe for anyone to be outside, even if they’re heading Read more...

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