Changes to DCC Waste Management Loading

Posted 9:54pm Friday 26th April 2024 by Abbie Williams

A Critic Te Ārohi investigation into waste management has uncovered that unlicensed rubbish bags are being taken by collectors. This comes after we sniffed around allegations that students have been storing piles of rubbish in wait of July 1st when DCC will be rolling out their new rubbish Read more...

DCC Passes Ambitious Zero Carbon Plan

Posted 11:11am Sunday 1st October 2023 by Zak Rudin

The DCC voted last Monday to pass the Zero Carbon Plan 2030, with a 10 to 5 split between councillors. Not only did they pass the plan, they also opted to take the highest investment option of a cool $137 million for climate action. 350 Aotearoa, a climate crisis action group who pushed strongly for Read more...

DCC: Definitely Causing Chaos

Posted 10:12pm Sunday 24th September 2023 by Harriette Boucher

  The pseudo-soap opera that is the Dunedin City Council has been making news. If you’ve been reading headlines, you’ll have seen the antics that have been going on amongst our electorate. From racist remarks to climate hesitation, you might be left wondering: who the hell is Read more...

Stop Your Crying, It’s a Sign of the (Local Election) Times

Posted 6:27pm Sunday 9th October 2022 by Jamiema Lorimer

Many signs showed that local elections were in full swing over the last three weeks – including plenty outside student flats. What encourages people to turn their front yards into a massive election advertising space? Critic Te Ārohi talked to some of these flats to find out.  One Read more...

(Almost) Every Local Election Candidate, Summarised

Posted 5:42pm Sunday 11th September 2022 by The Critic News Team

It’s that time of year again: billboards line fences and roadsides, posters with grinning faces are everywhere, targeted ads are clogging your social media feed. Winter has come and gone. Election season is here. But with 39 candidates for the Dunedin City Council (DCC) and 12 Dunedin Read more...

DCC Mayoral Candidates Debate: Critic’s vibe check

Posted 6:07pm Sunday 11th September 2022 by Annabelle Parata Vaughan

On the evening of August 23rd, 10 Ōtepoti mayoral hopefuls, all locals, congregated in Union Hall for a night of debate and discussion with students. Lured in with the appeal of free food and subsidised drinks, there was a decent sized crowd that came out for the evening, a mix of both students Read more...

Controversial Councillor Candidate Cleared to Run As “Jedi”

Posted 3:33pm Friday 19th August 2022 by Denzel Chung

A candidate for the Dunedin City Council (DCC) is running as an “independent pro-freedom Jedi warrior”. Despite the candidate’s controversial political views, the Chief Jedi of Aotearoa seems to have given his blessing to the move.  Malcolm Moncrief-Spittle, owner of online Read more...

Local Councillor Apparently Editing his Own Wikipedia Page

Posted 1:43pm Sunday 1st May 2022 by Fox Meyer

A Wikipedia user by the name of “Leevandervis” has been making edits to the Wikipedia page of Lee Vandervis, a Dunedin city councillor with a history of making controversial headlines.  Critic received a tip about edits made to Vandervis’ Wikipedia page on April 26, listed Read more...

EDITORIAL: Presenting Critic’s Plan for George Street

Posted 3:09pm Friday 1st October 2021 by Erin Gourley

The DCC made a plan for George Street and boomers had a fit about it. We want to present Critic’s plan, which should be implemented immediately to ensure maximum voter engagement at the next Local Body Elections. George Street will be renamed Geroge Street. There are trams, which are Read more...

Students Happy With George St One-Way Decision

Posted 3:11pm Friday 1st October 2021 by Alex Leckie-Zaharic

In an historic vote last Wednesday, the Dunedin City Council moved to turn George St into a one-way heading south, with construction beginning shortly. It has been over thirty years since George Street was last redeveloped. Apart from that jeweller who is now using Aaron Hawkins’ face as a Read more...

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