Scoop McNeilly: 15 years covering student affairs

Posted 12:03pm Sunday 8th October 2023

Through all the riots and revolutions that Dunedin students have staged, Stuff reporter Hamish McNeilly has seen it all. Fortunately for us, he was sober the whole time, allowing him to recall every last detail.    Hamish is the sole Stuff reporter in Dunedin and a former Otago Read more...

DCC: Definitely Causing Chaos

Posted 10:12pm Sunday 24th September 2023

  The pseudo-soap opera that is the Dunedin City Council has been making news. If you’ve been reading headlines, you’ll have seen the antics that have been going on amongst our electorate. From racist remarks to climate hesitation, you might be left wondering: who the hell is Read more...

Go Big or (Donít) Go Home

Posted 10:03pm Sunday 24th September 2023

It’s late. You’re several standards deep and, in your quest to feel something even remotely close to human affection, you’ve gone home with a stranger you just met. Deeds are done, towels are wiped, snoozes are hastily had. And then comes the cold light of day, when you must Read more...

Heavy Breathers Cross the Finish Line

Posted 12:47pm Monday 18th September 2023

In the race for men’s mental health, the Heavy Breathers smashed not only their personal bests but the silence that surrounds the issue that resonates deeply with the group.    The Heavy Breathers, a group of 33 third-year boys, set out on a mission to raise money for men's Read more...

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