Booze Reviews | Boundary Road: Chocka Hopa

Posted 2:00am Friday 2nd October 2020

I consumed my slab of BrB: Chocka Hopa on Tuesday night. I’m not sure whether it was the atmosphere the snow created or the stunning quality of the brewing, but the first can of beer really hit the spot. There has been an increase in mid-tier breweries over the past few years which market Read more...

Booze Reviews | Tiger

Posted 9:32pm Thursday 24th September 2020

I consumed Tiger while watching Cindy and Judy slog it out at the leaders debate on Tuesday. The debate was dull, but the combination of Tigers and talking shit about both major parties made for a great night. Because of the marketing of the drink, I envisioned the origins of Tiger as a Read more...

Booze Reviews | Yeah the Boys Lager

Posted 4:41pm Sunday 20th September 2020

I consumed Yeah The Boys lager on a Wednesday evening over a chill game of cards that quickly escalated into an intense game of bullshit. The beer itself is alright, but it’s a bit pricey and nothing to rave about. The marketing of the drink is a different matter. The packaging contains a Read more...


Posted 10:15pm Thursday 10th September 2020

While the name is more suitable for an abandoned Soviet nuclear facility than a beverage, it turns out Baltika-9 is also more suitable as a life lesson than as something to drink. After lugging the enormous 900mL can to the top of Queen St and drinking its contents, I found myself regretting the Read more...

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