Student Enrolment Numbers Double

Posted 11:27pm Thursday 11th July 2019

The number of students enrolled to vote in the upcoming local elections is on the rise, with the number of Otago students enrolled doubling so far this year. These numbers still remain a fraction of the total student body. In recent years, the percentage of Otago students enrolled has remained at Read more...

OUSA Executive Give Dying Man Life Membership

Posted 9:34pm Thursday 23rd May 2019

Last month, the OUSA Executive bestowed the honour of lifetime OUSA membership on Michael Tull. The Exec gave the life membership after seeing a Facebook post by Tull that said he was “nearing the end of [his] days” and had always been disappointed he’d never been granted OUSA Read more...

To Catch a Predator: Leaving Stuff Unattended in Various Libraries

Posted 9:11pm Thursday 9th May 2019

Friends, the festivities of exam season are almost upon us and at this time we should give thanks for how blessed we are with our University. Believe it or not, some people will never get to live the classic Otago experience of watching a couch aflame with a mate’s shoe in one hand, a can Read more...

Ranking the Rocks in the Geology Museum on their Chakra Alignment

Posted 7:14pm Thursday 2nd May 2019

Geology. The study of the terrestrial, of rocks and minerals, the earthy matter of the planet we all know and love. Yet what if this terrestrial study was in fact more extra… terrestrial? The rocks - minerals, actually - housed in the geology building are stored behind ancient glass panes Read more...

Boozed-Up Breathers Breathe in Law Lecture, Campus Watch Called

Posted 9:58pm Thursday 28th March 2019

Campus Watch were called to the 4pm LAWS101 lecture three Thursdays ago after a group of inebriated students heckled Professor Ceri Warnock mid-lecture. The boys were observed sitting at the back of Castle One drinking Billy Mavs and brew-filled Pump bottles and calling out, clapping, and Read more...

Law Camp: A History

Posted 7:25pm Thursday 14th March 2019

Law Camp. Last year, this post-admission honeymoon retreat for two hundred thrusting second year law students was exposed to be a weekend not of whispering “I do law…” into one another’s ears, but rather a weekend of nudity, aggressive drinking, and grand-slam jelly Read more...

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