ODT Watch | Issue 04

Posted 8:06pm Thursday 14th March 2019

It’s another week of ODT Watch. You know what that means:   This week the ODT perfectly captured my feelings about the ODT: Although the flourishing doesn’t seem to apply to their journalists’ bedrooms:   Surely this could have been phrased Read more...

ODT Watch | Issue 03

Posted 6:46pm Thursday 7th March 2019

Every week before I open, with trembling hands, the hallowed pages of the ODT I say to myself, “Don’t get your hopes up, Bazza. There’s no way they can come up with a better pun than they did last week. Even genius stoops to mediocrity now and then”. But every week I dare to Read more...

The Week the ODT Learned an Important Lesson About the Effectiveness of Coitus Interruptus

Posted 9:27pm Thursday 28th February 2019

Having barely got to grips with the internal combustion engine, perhaps it was a bit much to expect the ODT to seamlessly handle the transition into a more citrusy zeitgeist:      Then again, I don’t read the ODT for their bleeding edge journalism. If I want Read more...

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