ODT Watch | Issue 15

ODT Watch | Issue 15

This week someone let the ODT read the thesaurus again…



Then a sage warning about an upcoming crisis:



We should all be mindful of World Juggling Day, specifically mindful of how to end this pagan sacrilege once and for all.


We promise we haven’t altered this title at all – this was all there was.



Then the ODT was weird about oysters.



Why is “oysters” in red? Oysters aren’t red. Oysters are the off-white colour of cum and it’s beautiful and the ODT shouldn’t shame them for it.


And finally a classic plucked at random from the ODT’s coveted pun drawer.


This article first appeared in Issue 15, 2019.
Posted 12:36am Friday 12th July 2019 by R. RY, Bachelor of Arts.