Police discover woman falsified abduction

A teenager who made an allegation to police claiming that two men in a parked vehicle attempted to abduct her has now been ousted as a liar following a thorough investigation into the claim.

The 18 year old told police she was the victim of an abduction attempt at around 4.25pm on May 7 while she was walking along Forth Street in North Dunedin after being grabbed by the passenger. 

She then claimed that she managed to escape despite the driver coming to the aid of the passenger in pulling her into the car. 

Police launched an investigation, releasing reports of the incident and even what the vehicle looked like.

After a “thorough investigation”, a police spokeswoman found out the allegation from the woman was false.

Due to the allegation, the time and resources of the southern police force have been significantly wasted in pursuit of an offender who does not even exist.

It is unknown what the punishment will be for the falsified allegation or whether there was any particular motive behind it.

This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2016.
Posted 10:30am Sunday 22nd May 2016 by Joe Higham.