Greatest Hits / Greatest Shits | Issue 16

Greatest Hits

Recently Back Benches featured a number of youths. Hailing from Labour, National, Greens, NZ First, and ACT, these youths had a go at hashing out a few pressing issues. They also had a go at each other. This week’s Greatest Hit goes to an amazing call from ACT’s Louis Houlbrooke, who, fed up with the ‘70s-dressed Curwen Rolinson of NZ First, yelled “the only thing bigger than your tie is your ego.”

Greatest Shits

If I didn’t make it clear enough last week, I’m not exactly Cameron Slater, aka Whale Oil’s, biggest fan. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to his contribution to the Tania Billingsley chat, and lo and behold, he didn’t disappoint. First, he tried to argue the whole affair was a smear campaign by the left; second, he tried to say rape culture doesn’t exist in New Zealand, something even Paula Bennett disagrees with. Describing his coverage as insensitive and oblivious is pretty euphemistic.

This article first appeared in Issue 16, 2014.
Posted 5:12pm Sunday 20th July 2014 by Carys Goodwin.