Greatest hits/ Greatest shits | Issue 22

Greatest hits

Stuff gets Shit, but they also get Hit for releasing a segment featuring up-close-and-personal portraits of what they call “political bloodstock.” Dark, gritty, and sly, these photographs come far closer to visually depicting the intensity of the election campaign than the majority of awkward headline shots so far. Coupled with a series of tongue-in-cheek captions describing the party leaders as racehorses, it makes a nice change from some of Stuff’s other overly sensationalist efforts.

Greatest shits

It isn’t exactly a secret that Stuff’s reporting leaves something to be desired. But they really one-upped themselves with the archaic debate footage on Tuesday night. With out-of-sync audio, the look of a VHS from the 90s, and microphone levels that turned John’s mildest retorts into shrieks and David’s greatest yells into whispers, it was, overall, an utter shambles on the technical front.
This article first appeared in Issue 22, 2014.
Posted 11:52pm Sunday 7th September 2014 by Carys Goodwin.