Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer

Posted 11:15am Sunday 24th July 2016

The year was 2016. The month, February. And against all rhyme or reason, a poll released by Public Policy Polling confirmed the worst: 38 percent of Floridians genuinely believed Ted Cruz could be the Zodiac Killer-a serial killer who operated in northern California in the late ’60s and early Read more...

Personal Statement

Posted 11:35am Sunday 29th May 2016

When I picture graduate school selection panels, I picture the iconic scene in every genre of movie from Billy Elliot to The Shawshank Redemption – a large, old hall or room; a long desk, with a row of glasses-wearing middle aged examiners sitting behind it; and a single chair, placed Read more...

Critic tackles election year one more time

Posted 11:58pm Sunday 12th October 2014

This is it. The final Critic of the year. A year of the most tumultuous election activity we could have asked for; a year of the weirdest gaffs; and a year of the most frustratingly normal results. It got so strange that Twitter began to wonder when we’d hit “peak cray,” and a simple search of the Read more...

Greatest hits / Greatest shits | Issue 26

Posted 1:49pm Sunday 5th October 2014

Greatest HitThis week we’re going international for the Greatest Hit: to Hong Kong. After a change to Hong Kong elections that would mean only “China-approved” candidates would be able to be elected, students began an intense protest for democracy, storming Hong Kong’s Civic Square. Sometimes it’s Read more...

Critic just isn't going to stop tackling election year

Posted 1:49pm Sunday 5th October 2014

At the time of writing, Labour is in turmoil. Once again, they are undergoing a leader selection process that is bitter and catty. The accusations of being “beltway politicians” are coming thick and fast and the spectre of election failure isn’t going away. Even New Zealand’s mainstream media sunk Read more...

Politweets | Issue 25

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 28th September 2014

Don’t we all. Whoops. Unfortunate. Breaking news.

Greatest hits / Greatest shits | Issue 25

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 28th September 2014

Greatest Hit Without a doubt, Greatest Hit this week goes to John Oliver. Oliver is an American comedian who hosts Last Week Tonight, a show that essentially points out all the ludicrous things that have happened around the world. Last week, New Zealand featured! There’s nothing like a bit of Read more...

Critic (still) tackles election year

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 28th September 2014

After the initial shock of Election Day, where, for all intents and purposes, nothing changed, have come the autopsies. For the left, whose momentum towards the end came from the revelations about the inner workings of the National Party as much as it did from their own parties’ merits, the result Read more...

Proctology | Issue 25

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 28th September 2014

All the Halls of Residence are now on alcohol ban, in preparation for the exam period. The Proctor notes, “This doesn’t mean their residents will stop drinking [but] it does seem to mean they will buy vast quantities of alcohol and sit in gardens and parks and drink it there.” The Proctor does not Read more...

Gecko geeks and preserving the peninsula

Posted 2:58pm Sunday 28th September 2014

The Jewelled Gecko is one of Otago’s treasures. The lively green reptile is so rare and valuable that the location of its conservation sites cannot be disclosed for fear of eager poachers. Carey Knox, a herpetologist for EcoGecko Consultants, says the markings along their backs are like Read more...

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