Greatest Hits / Greatest Shits | Issue 12

Greatest Hits

Over the past few weeks, Campbell Live has been running an “at home with the leaders” segment, where John Campbell goes to party leaders’ houses and eats the dinner they cook. While it might be a strange twist on Come Dine With Me, it’s a good way to see what the leaders are like as people. Last Monday, the lucky chef was David Cunliffe of the Labour Party. The Greatest Hit doesn’t go to him, however; it goes to his very impressive wife. Karen Price keeps bees, is an environmental lawyer, and a pilot. Although David’s the one who wants to run the country, it’s fairly clear she runs the show.

Greatest Shits

The title of Greatest Shit this week goes to none other than the Prime Minister himself, for a minor scandal known affectionately as “Sausagegate.” At the recent National Party Conference in Queenstown, John Key decided to host a sausage sizzle, giving them away to curious locals. What he didn’t realise, however, was that two girls were also hosting a sausage sizzle nearby, attempting to fundraise for a trip. Given their proximity to the free sausages, they struggled to make many sales. Thankfully, once John realised, he donated a few dollars to their cause.
This article first appeared in Issue 12, 2014.
Posted 4:32pm Sunday 18th May 2014 by Carys Goodwin.