How to Free Bleed

Viva La Menstruation

Periods are rough, messy, and miserable. Sanitary items are no better. Sometimes it’s just too much effort to find one, let alone buy them. Sometimes your flow is so light that a sanitary product just doesn’t seem worth it. Sometimes, you just need to free bleed. Here’s how.

  1. Start off small.

For those who are not used to free bleeding, or are open to trying the idea, free bleeder Caitlin recommends timing your free bleeding for a time when your flow is lightest, to minimise discomfort and swamp ass. Henessey, another free bleeder, also recommends always wearing a liner, if you’re not buying products specifically for your period. This helps protect against unexpected or light bleeding, so one can get used to more advanced free bleeding techniques. They’re cheaper and much lighter than pads, and you can stick some of them together if the bleeding gets too heavy. 

  1. Comfortable clothing.

Across the board, free bleeders recommended a pair of comfy pants and undies that you don’t mind getting stained. These are essential if you’re trying to free bleed. Make sure the underwear is somewhat absorbent, thick cotton, and the inner lining of the pants are as well. Your pants should also be on the thicc side to ensure that any spillage doesn’t get on furniture. 

  1. Shower.

This is self explanatory. 

  1. Cold washes are your friend.

This tip comes from Caitlin, who says that you should clean undies or any blood stains in cold water, as heat binds proteins to fabric and makes it harder to get staining out. 

  1. Designated blanket.

For extra insurance against leakage, designate a blanket or other scrap of fabric to sit on while you free bleed. This is mostly for peace of mind and comfort, though it can get a little gross. The fabric should ideally be made of a less absorbent synthetic fabric like polyester or acrylic, because the blood stains just come right off in the wash. 

  1. Contingency plan.

Finally, if you do accidentally get some blood on your couch, carpet or chair upholstery, hydrogen peroxide gets rid of blood stains in a flash. Just dab some on and watch the blood lift right out. 

This article first appeared in Issue 7, 2020.
Posted 4:14pm Thursday 14th May 2020 by Naomii Seah.