A Line About Lines

A Line About Lines

We asked students to share their best or worst experiences on drugs in ten words or less.


“So drunk, I cummed while completely soft”

“Inhaled Diethyl Ether, convinced I was a garage door opener”

“Made grilled cheese but with butter instead of cheese”

“Thought I was thinking myself into having a heart attack”

“Did MDMA the night before an 11am wisdom tooth removal”

“I gang banged 5 dudes on mdma 10/10”

“3 tabs of LSD, a mini orgasm with every step”

“I accidentally pulled my IUD out”

“Took shrooms with a girl and cried to Bee Movie”

“My manager and I fingered each other’s bum holes: cCoke”

“Fluoxetine made me forget War of the Worlds wasn't real”

“Thought I electrocuted myself and died on acid”

“10 words is hard, unlike me on acid”

“Shat myself six times in one day”

“Random lines, seizure, nearly drowned in a hot tub, whoops.”

“Tweaked on acid; had an emotional connection with a house”

“Took acid at a Christian wedding; hid in the bushes”

“Thought I took three pingers, actually took three laxatives”

“MDMA gave me a month long panic disorder”

“Got twisted tripping and forgot who my boyfriend was”

“Greened out, was sucking my fingers to ‘manually produce saliva’”

“Gear was actually meth, stayed awake for 48hrs”

This article first appeared in Issue 23, 2019.
Posted 12:38am Friday 13th September 2019 by Critic.