Tally Ho! Voyaging Through the New Dunedin Sound

Tally Ho! Voyaging Through the New Dunedin Sound

Critic interrogates drunk students in the line for Pint Night with pretentious questions about the Dunedin Sound because we’re not like other boys and Pint Night is a bit shit.


What is your favourite Dunedin Sound band?

“Albion Abbey is pretty good”

“Hold up, I’ll think of it. Three Quarter Marathon”

“Hot Donnas”

“The Verlaines”

“Oi nah my flatmates a DJ he drops a mean set”


“Anything Drum and Bass”

“I fucking love The Shitz aye”


What are your thoughts on the new version of the Dunedin Sound? Do you find the Sound now to be derivative or distinctive?

“Like good, like kinda like underground music but like with like surfy undertones”.

“Fucking Gregg’s coffee”

“Grungy, but there is the surf rock side that I don’t like”

“Soft grunge emo hippie”

“Umm like drum and bass, like Macky Gee and Brett Collins”

“Wait is that like The Chills?”

“Hit or miss”

“Can you get me on the blind date?”

“A lot of it is post-DeMarco and trying to copy King Krule with an ‘80s twist”


What are your thoughts on the increasing closure of iconic gig venues such as Chick’s and The Attic?

“I reckon that’s like pretty shit cause like you want more of like local talent to show off their grooves. I can’t describe it now but I definitely follow. I’m trying my best”

“Oi it fucking sucks aye”

“I thought Chick’s was a strip club”

“Sucks man. We were jamming there today, and it sucks because we can’t perform there”

“Chicks was so sick; I really miss that place”

“It makes me sad, I think we need more places to go have fun as young poor students so there’s a bit of solidarity”


As you are probably aware, the Dunedin Sound was conceptualised within the wave of music coming out of Dunedin in the 1980s with the likes of The Chills, The Clean and Straightjacket Fitz – what current Dunedin Sound band do you think best encompasses that style of sound?

“I gotta look at my Spotify. Alright, alright, alright, alright. Milpool. That’s probably my favourite. I reckon out of all the bands in Dunedin, they’ve made the best music that’s original and sick as fuck.”

“The Chills”


“The old punk scene”

“I think Soaked Oats and Marlin’s Dreaming; there’s a lot of cool things coming out that’s really Dunedin right now”

“All I can think of is Crazy Frog”


What do you think of surf rock in Dunedin? Can surf rock be classified as ‘the Dunedin sound’?

“Half and half. Half is like kinda yeah but half is like nah not really it’s everywhere else in the world like Australia and shit. Like it’s cool and I like it but it’s definitely not original”.



“[inaudible yelling]”


Why are you at Pint Night tonight?

“’Cause I’m like quite on the piss aye and I haven’t been to Pint Night in like a year and like the line is always shit and is too big but I’m here to check it out aye”

“Girls, the kids are out to perform”

“My flatmate’s tits are out, we’re out here to pull – WAIT WHY ARE YOU WEARING MY BRA”

“My flatmate is playing”

“We just wanted to have a flat outing”

“Wanted to spin some fire”

This article first appeared in Issue 17, 2019.
Posted 4:31am Friday 26th July 2019 by Henessey Griffiths.