Students to Watch: Meg Goodman

Students to Watch: Meg Goodman

“I could take drugs to get high, or I could just bake.”

Meg Goodman started baking around the same time she started to walk. In high school she was nicknamed ‘Cake Girl’, and she had queues of people eager for birthday cakes. Now she’s started her own business where she can put her skills towards good causes.

Goodman Goodies has raised hundreds of dollars for charities like the SPCA and the Breast Cancer Foundation. Her latest target is the Mental Health Foundation, which she is combining with the profits earned from the Dunedin Cadbury Marathon, which Meg is running in with her team Easier Said Than Run. In the past, Meg has made 150 cupcakes for each bake sale, but is raising that number to 200 for her bake sale on Tuesday.

How long does it take for one person to make 200 cupcakes? Meg spends about 12 hours straight just on baking (provided everything goes to plan). This might seem a little extreme, but that’s just how Meg does things. She once woke up every 30 minutes throughout the night just so she could knead the perfect sourdough. Why? Because baking is Meg’s ultimate stress relief. As she puts it: “I could take drugs to get high, or I could just bake.”

Goodman Goodies isn’t just Meg though. All of her flatmates play a vital role, whether it’s taking the pictures for Instagram or just licking the bowl. According to her flatmates, she’s very territorial over the kitchen. Hands must be washed, and absolutely no loose hairs allowed. But they all enjoy the business and relish all the baking they get to eat. Meg said, “they’ve all been really supportive of the business. They pushed me to start it, and I probably wouldn’t have without them.”

Meg’s Instragram account is only a few months old, but has been gaining a steady stream of followers. She posts pictures of all her best cakes, as well as cakes she has on offer. Meg has also recently become a Griffin’s Superbaker, where she gets to trial unreleased products and make them into delicious creations to share on her Instagram. She was one of a select few chosen from over 150 applicants around the country.

All of Meg’s creations are vegan, and she wants people to realise that vegan baking is just as good, if not better, than baking with animal products. It just takes some simple, yet creative solutions. “You’d never tell the difference. If you disagree, then you’ll just have to try my cakes and find out for yourself.” She offers one hot tip for anyone looking to try baking vegan; instead of egg, you can use either apple sauce, or mashed banana. “The rest is a baker’s secret.”

After graduating from her Human Nutrition and Food Service Management degree, Meg plans to pursue her business at a higher level. Her dream to one day own her own café, but in the short term she’s aiming to just be able to bake at least one cake per week. Meg also plans to one day have her own stall in the Otago Farmer’s Market. Currently, any profit she makes goes straight back into the business.

You can find Meg on Instagram at goodman_goodies, and outside the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre this Tuesday raising money for the Mental Health Foundation.

This article first appeared in Issue 16, 2019.
Posted 1:53am Friday 19th July 2019 by Wyatt Ryder.