Boy Beat Makeup: How to Look Good and Do Other Shit Good Too

Boy Beat Makeup: How to Look Good and Do Other Shit Good Too

What’s going ONNN bitches? Not much? That’s cool.

The Boy Beat is a look coined by Beyoncé’s make-up artist in her Formation video. The premise of this look is to look like shit. But in a hot way. You know how dudes have that ‘I didn’t even try’ rugged sexiness? That’s the same look, the only difference here is that we’re using make-up.;



Put sunblock on. Firstly, cancer is bad. Secondly, the sunblock will give you a nice, oily, ‘I’m at the beach because I’m on holiday’ kind of vibe.

Gently BEAT foundation, on any pimples that you want to cover. LEAVE THE BAGS UNDER YOUR EYES. LEAVE THE FRECKLES.

Dab the slightest amount of concealer on top of the foundation, gently BEAT it into the skin.



You want to look kind of bug-eyed.

BEAT a chocolate-coloured shadow gently into the crease of your eye with a finger. To find your eye crease, look square into the mirror. Your crease is where the lid folds back on itself. Finding the crease is easier than finding the clit. Take the eye shadow up above the crease, but not all the way to the brow. The eye shadow is enhancing the curve of your eye. Take your pinky, to run the chocolate eye shadow along the bottom lid, enhancing your panda eye bag. Take a blond/brown brow pencil to lightly draw into the line of the under-eye bag. Making the eye bigger, without looking like you took a dildo to the eye socket. +/- on mascara.



VASELINE is the key product now. Rub some between your thumb and forefinger. Brush it into your eyebrows. Use your nails to pull the hairs at the tip of the eyebrow vertical. You want the bushiest, boy-est brows.



Leave them battered and blistered. It’s hot.



Contouring is the biggest make-up trend of the last five years. DO NOT CONTOUR/BRONZE IN THE HOLLOW OF YOUR CHEEK. Instead very lightly BEAT bronzer onto the parts of the face the sun hits. The tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the top of your forehead and under your jawline and chin (from the sun reflecting up off the water that you’ve spent all day *splashing* in).

Get the same colour of you lip stain (indeed, the lip stain itself) and pat that in over your cheek, kinda like you got sunburnt.



Whatever your natural hair is, fucking roll with it. It’s guaranteed way nicer than the middle parting and straightened hair that every single law/commerce girl on campus seems to pull. Remember, you are unique. Just like everyone else.



  • Use as few products as possible.
  • Use the smallest amount of each product.
  • Nobody is perfect, own the imperfections that god/allah/chance/the magic fairy blessed you with.


This article first appeared in Issue 10, 2018.
Posted 5:59pm Saturday 5th May 2018 by Zoe Taptiklis.