Dear Aunt Zo and Uncle Jim, what are the top ten pieces of advice, in the whole world?

Posted 3:03pm Thursday 4th October 2018

Ranked, in order: Always make sure a glass of wine is available Drive a large vehicle and then you can see more Fun and failure start the same way Advice is much harder to make up if you don’t have it pre-prepared The best way to keep your clothes white is by using warm wash, Read more...

East Coast Calipso

Posted 6:46pm Thursday 20th September 2018

Red macrocapa lamppost Cloth cupped breast Appease thy lord, hailing Mary to Matawheuka Guitar pangs at Marae piss ups Rewind dialogues, lolloping gramaphonics Yellowed lace legacies Church yard agapanthuses And the bell chime calls cows home Full cream colonialism Stuff Read more...

Dear Mumma Zo and Aunt Dave, How Do I Talk to the Ghosts in My Flat?

Posted 9:40pm Thursday 6th September 2018

We’re reluctant to offer advice here, mostly because Mammy Zo still gets nightmares, and Aunt Dave still wets the bed from time to time - so talking about ghosts makes us SAD. Another reason is that no one really knows if they exist, and can you give advice on something that doesn’t Read more...

I Live to Back-Trend

Posted 7:09pm Thursday 2nd August 2018

Fashion at Otago University in 2012 meant jeans and puffer vests as far as the eye could see. 2015 saw the rise of the striped top and activewear, a look which became so iconic that everyone was soon afraid to wear it.  In 2018 it’s looking like denim with block coloured tops, Read more...

Check Out Before Midnight

Posted 10:56pm Thursday 24th May 2018

I’ve built a hotel for the rest of the world For the rest of the world to stay in I’m going to tuck my day dreamer into bed Make toast, butter with jam, on the veneer wooded Bench top A bench top to make love on Like dusting it in flour Rising and rolling out the dough On pizza Read more...

Red Alert

Posted 6:08pm Thursday 17th May 2018

Menstruation is a complicated thing: the biology, the mess, the weird food cravings, the sexual urges, and, most of all, talking about it. Periods are like Superman – you never know who is hiding the suit under their clothes. They could strike anytime, anywhere. Before we continue, it needs to Read more...

Boy Beat Makeup: How to Look Good and Do Other Shit Good Too

Posted 5:59pm Saturday 5th May 2018

What’s going ONNN bitches? Not much? That’s cool. The Boy Beat is a look coined by Beyoncé’s make-up artist in her Formation video. The premise of this look is to look like shit. But in a hot way. You know how dudes have that ‘I didn’t even try’ rugged Read more...

Sitting with Christian Tucker - Dunedinís answer to Chance the Rapper

Posted 9:12pm Thursday 22nd March 2018

Christian Tucker is Dunedin’s answer to Chance the Rapper. That may seem like a radical claim, but the production quality, the lyrics and the performance on Tucker’s new album “Intro to Orange” leaves little to be asked for. The local poet performs weekly at the Dog With Two Read more...

A Keeper of Sheep by William Carpenter

Posted 12:54pm Sunday 24th September 2017

The cover of this novel almost tries to warn you off with its bleeding grey pinks. Any millennial trying to express themselves through the last available port, fashion, should chain a copy of A Keeper of Sheep around their neck. Carpenter’s novel is a must read for anyone who wholeheartedly Read more...

The Secret History

Posted 12:29pm Sunday 10th September 2017

The Secret History is difficult to place into a temporal setting. Initially, based on the characters’ diction and the elaborate descriptive passages, I thought it was set in the ‘50s. The excessive use of home phones, the ones wired to the wall, made me think it was the ‘70s. Read more...

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