New this week / Singles in review

Sharon Van Etten - Every Time the Sun Comes Up

The second single from her upcoming album Are We There Yet. Sharon Van Etten crafts yet another melancholic folk song, this time over an affected drum machine. Her voice is full of substance and carries a heaviness that is beautiful, as well as rare.

Parquet Courts - Instant Disassembly

Brooklyn band Parquet Courts return with “Instant Disassembly.” A stoner ballad, woozy and as hungover as Andrew Savage’s delivery. As melodic and as emotionally honest as they have ever sounded. They pull it off well.

White Lung - Face Down

I think this is verging on metal, but still retains the brashness of punk. White Lung are a band from Vancouver set to release their album Deep Fantasy. “Face Down” is energetic and whoever is playing that guitar line is a god. Okay. That is all.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Simple and Sure

This band was the darling of indie pop two or three years ago, with a stream of solid singles and two solid albums. Lately they’ve sort of disappeared, maybe for no apparent reason other than music is sometimes a game of trends. “Simple and Sure” is a catchy, polished, pop song. Lacking in character a little, but still well crafted.

Amen Dunes - Lonely Richard

Amen Dunes is Damon McMahon set to release his debut album, Love, on Sacred Bones records. “Lonely Richard” is a simple song, acoustic guitar, simple-tribal percussion, and a cool drone in the background. Sounds sort of like Love or The Velvet Underground.
This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2014.
Posted 2:07pm Sunday 25th May 2014 by Adrian Ng.