New this week / Singles in review

Ought - Habit

“Habit” is the lead single by Montreal-based band Ought, from their debut album More Than Any Other Day. A mixture of art-punk, ‘90s looseness and classic emo tendencies. Singer Tim Beeler sounds like Ian Curtis singing a Pavement song. In a good way.

Alex G - Hollow

“Hollow” is the first single from upcoming album DSU, soon to be released by the wonderfully eclectic Orchid Tapes. Falsetto vocals, mixed with beautiful crunchy guitars and coated with reverb. A promising introduction by underground pop connoisseur Alex G.

Monster Rally - Sunflower

Monster Rally is Ted Feighan, a producer and artist based in Los Angeles. “Sunflower” is a new track from an EP of the same name. A collage of beautiful tropical sounds and chilled out beats, delivered in a beautiful layer of antiquity.

Baths - Fade White

The second single from Will Wiesenfield, aka Baths, from his upcoming EP Ocean Death. “Fade White” comes in noticably more stripped back and melodic, compared to the more visceral lead single “Ocean Death.” Wiesenfield’s vocals are clean and clear, sounding pristine over almost angelic instrumentation. A nice and mellow offering from the Los Angeles producer.

Shamir - I Know It's a Good Thing

Las Vegas lo-fi, soul pop musician Shamir returns with another infectious track. Built over a simple stomp beat and a propulsive bass-organ, “I Know It’s a Good Thing” has all the subtle hooks and dynamics that feature in a good pop song.
This article first appeared in Issue 11, 2014.
Posted 3:11pm Sunday 11th May 2014 by Adrian Ng.