The Observer - The new essentials for guys

While the best-before date on food packaging may be a mere guideline, the best-before date on clothing is as mandatory as the Crimes Act 1961. Unfortunately, men are notorious for overestimating the length of time that they may wear a single item of clothing with pride. We at the Observer advise all Dunedin lads to engage in a ceremonious pre-Winter wardrobe bonfire so as to make room for the following “new essentials” that each and every man should have.

The Peacoat
It is time to rid yourself of that rain jacket that your mother gave you as a parting gift circa first year. Not only do these feel like tarpaulin, but they provide no warmth whatsoever. The Peacoat is the gentleman’s coat, perfect with good jeans and a scarf. Our favourite is the Huffer peacoat in navy.

The Drop Crotch
Your grandmother may ask what you’re hiding in there, and they may have become synonymous with the term “poo-catcher,” but the reality is that the drop crotch dominates. You may struggle with adjustment issues when walking, and investing in non-chafing underwear is a must, but when you pull them off you will undoubtedly look slicker than Harvey Specter. We advise you peruse the Commoners range.

The “Lifestyle” Sneaker
It has been argued that wearing “sneans” should have been included in the list of crimes against public welfare. However, like the number of health science students between first and second semester, things change. The lifestyle sneaker is making a comeback bigger than Bill Clinton post-Monica Lewinsky. Leading examples include New Balance 574s and Nike Roshes. Together they are likely to spark the next debate of the century, alongside baked beans or spaghetti and Mac or PC.
This article first appeared in Issue 11, 2014.
Posted 3:11pm Sunday 11th May 2014 by Emma & Liam.