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Singles in Review

Ben Frost - Venter

A beautiful, atmospheric, heavily percussive track, which builds up
and collapses into itself with an awe-inspiring climax.

Tune Yards - Water Fountain

Merrill Garbus returns with the first single of her upcoming album. “Water Fountain” is weird and quirky. Rhythmic and childlike, and infectiously so.

Thee Oh Sees - The Lens

Garage rockers Thee Of Sees release a looming, psychadelic pop ballad. “The Lens” is a saccharine, autumnal track, reminiscent of sixties luminaries such as The Zombies and The Mama’s and The Papa’s.

White Lung - Drown With the Monster

Heavy, punk rock track from Vancouver band White Lung. A sinister guitar line, and propulsive drumming, headline this two minute burst.

Viet Cong - Bunker Buster (Rough Mix)

Former members of now defunct band Women, “Bunker Buster” is not dissimilar to their previous work. Dissonant noise-rock, with interesting hooks and off-kilter rhythm. infectious, schoolyard track, short and sweet.
This article first appeared in Issue 6, 2014.
Posted 7:01pm Sunday 30th March 2014 by Adrian Ng.