Boredom, You Conqueror - Ink Mathematics


Dunedin isn’t exactly short on fine purveyors’ of the sonically heavy. Hell, Made in China, Soulseller and Mountaineater can all be downright punishing, while this year’s battle of the bands winners’ A.F.F.C.O might be the sludgiest and angriest band in the entire country. It is into this robust, tight community that Ink Mathematic’s debut EP Boredom, You Conqueror enters - bringing with it a refreshing group of new musical influences and a polish not often embraced.

While much of the established Dunedin ‘heavy’ scene sounds as if it was raised on the classics of Zeppelin, Sabbath and Staley, Ink Mathematics bring a more refined sound to five tracks contained here. Not to say this isn’t an EP of hard rugged riffs and expected roughness: ‘Jack Be Nimble’ with its swaying rhythm and buzzing breakdown is a fittingly rocking opener, all roaring guitar and wonderfully smashing cymbals. Its mundane lyrics making me feel somehow powerful yet infinitely juvenile as I attempt to scream along.
But Ink Mathematics always maintain their composure, a testament to the professional modern rock record. Centerpiece ‘Country Living’ is sadly the EP’s low point, its bluesy riff too unresponsive and restrained for even its aggressive outro to revive it, while its length of means it becomes repetitious.

Thankfully, “Joys” and “Diastema” with their late-nineties ‘General Electric’ style supercharged guitars are powerful closers, the slickness of Matthew Hoffman’s voice, even with his megaphone distortion, bringing a touch of class to the climatic head-banging finale of ‘Diastema’.
A solid platform which, I’m sure, will please established fans, yet still leaves potential for growth.
Posted 5:06am Monday 10th October 2011 by Sam Valentine.