Make Me Mansome

Posted 4:25pm Sunday 23rd September 2012

In todayís society, thereís an entire micro-economy dedicated to self-improvement. Whether itís weight loss, hair removal, or beautification, an array of uplifting rhetoric and often excruciating services exist to further humanityís quest for actualization, improvement, and ultimately happiness. Read more...

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times

Posted 3:29am Monday 17th October 2011

In the now established tradition, Critic presents our end of year recap; the best of music in two thousand and eleven. Props if you picked up on The Simpsons reference in the title. The Best Albums of 2011 Zomby – Dedication A dense, dark and well-produced take of some of Read more...

Boredom, You Conqueror - Ink Mathematics

Posted 5:06am Monday 10th October 2011

(3/5) Dunedin isn’t exactly short on fine purveyors’ of the sonically heavy. Hell, Made in China, Soulseller and Mountaineater can all be downright punishing, while this year’s battle of the bands winners’ A.F.F.C.O might be the sludgiest and angriest band in the entire Read more...

Wugazi Ė 13 Chambers

Posted 4:11am Monday 5th September 2011

    In the post-Dangermouse era, where the Beatles met Jay-Z and created history in the process, the rap/rock mash-up has been a mixture of occasional high peaks, and diminishing returns. For every triumph of introduction and re-imagination (The Grey Album), there have been Read more...

Liam Finn w/ The Drab Doo-Riffs

Posted 11:38pm Monday 22nd August 2011

Thursday August 11 - ReFuel, Dunedin Fresh from releasing the awaited follow up to 2008’s treasured I’ll Be Lightning, it was a typically energised and affable Liam Finn who appeared onstage to celebrate the release of FOMO last Thursday night. With his new material simultaneously Read more...

Steve Kilbey (The Church) & Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre)

Posted 4:34am Thursday 11th August 2011

with Kurt Shanks, Robert Scott and the Doyleys. Re:Fuel, July 30 2011. For a non song-writing instrumentalist, finding engaging and challenging songwriters with whom to forge and share a musical career is nothing short of a nightmare. For Ricky Maymi, founding member of the notorious Read more...

Fair Ohs: Everything is Dancing

Posted 5:04am Thursday 4th August 2011

Providing a down to earth, stylized and heavily Californian take on the choppy afro-rhythms and chiming guitars recently made popular by Vampire Weekend and Abe Vigoda, most listeners would be surprised to discover that rather than polo shirt-wearing upper class rich kids, Fair Ohs are simply three Read more...


Posted 3:51am Monday 11th July 2011

With musicís often perceived reliance on alcohol (both for performance and paycheques), Chickstock - an all ages, nonprofit event run for local high school acts - proved refreshingly naÔve. Organised by the dedicated Jessica Young, under the guise of the Chicks Project, with ten local high school Read more...

Beastwars w/ Operation Rolling Thunder and Kahu

Posted 1:34am Friday 1st July 2011

Chicks Hotel Saturday May 21 With wild, possessed eyes and a gruff white beard, Beastwars frontman Matt Hyde is the living embodiment of his music. Possessing a guttural roar, akin to that of a demonic warlock, his dominating presence is impossible to ignore. Controlling the attention of the Read more...

Marrow Zine's May Release Launch Party

Posted 7:36am Thursday 26th May 2011

May 14, Re:Fuel Bar. With Thundercub, Black Yoghurt, Surgical Department, Max Waots, Nicole Van Vuuren (DJ).  “The little zine that could?” With the current flood of self-produced gig guides (INK), comic collections, (DUD), culture mags (Crop) and zines, Dunedin’s Read more...

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