The Media Bias Chart for Dunedin Shitposting Pages

The Media Bias Chart for Dunedin Shitposting Pages

1. Shore Girl, Shore Thing 
(Near OCHB)

SGST is like a public radio station. Grassroots, always relatable, and run by minorities so you know you can trust it. SGST stands as a stalwart girlboss in a sea of grease-choked mullets, so pop off queens for taking on this male dominated field. Content is relatable and funny, but probably only if you’re a chick. It’s the female equivalent of OCHB, and it’s what you should say is your favourite if you want to look cultured.


2. Oi Come Hyde Bro
(Slightly left, high factual)

OCHB is an intellectual shitposting page, complete with good chat and surprisingly relatable observations. Definitely got the accuracy and humour going. There’s a sprinkle of misogyny, perhaps (see over photo) but not enough to bring them down. After all, they are a reflection of our society, and they certainly do capture the essence of Dunedin. Admins are great on the piss, too. 


3. Scarfie Weather 
(High accuracy, centre)

Scarfie Weather hasn’t been super active recently, but at one point they were a pillar of Dunedin’s shitposting scene. Every major news network has a weather segment, after all, and Scarfie Weather took that job and ran with it. They’re heavy on the emojis and apparently love basketball, but the only “shitposting” is how long it takes them to explain the weather. Feels like re-reading all of Harry Potter when scrolling through. Overall, you have to respect the grind and dedication this page has to delivering weather updates.


4. UoO Confessions 
(low fact, slight left)

UoO Confessions facilitates some great advice for the masses (e.g “please wash your willy,”) but also facilitates a platform for non-confrontational, passive aggressive flatmates. Since it’s 100% user-generated content, there’s no real filter on what goes in. While that means the humour and accuracy are both fickle, there are certainly some gems. 


5. Mild Concussionposting 
(High fact, slight right)

MC excels in sensational observational humour. It’s heavy on the sport, but funnier than OCCB and less edgy. It’s a bit like the semi-conservative radio station that your uncle listens to. It’s honest, pure, humble and informative, with a heavy dose of Dad vibes.


6. Oi Come Castle Bro 
(Mid-right, low factual)

OCCB is not a reputable news source. It reads like it’s run by typical second-years and all of the content is either about sifting on chicks, getting on the piss, or sport, which places it firmly in the right-wing area of the chart. It carries some misogynistic energy (makes a lot of jokes about getting with freshers, seems creepy) and dabbles in political humour, but misses the mark. They do seem to enjoy what Critic has to say, though, which may say more about us than them.


7. Selected Ambient Posts (formerly Simp Hangout Arena)
(Low fact, right wing)

This page is very male-centric, with frequent posts about UFC and Elon Musk. It’s very meme-heavy, and sometimes the comments are funnier than the actual page, a bit like your local conservative talk show. Overall incredibly average, and the recent re-branding and frequent admin changes are very confusing.

This article first appeared in Issue 8, 2022.
Posted 2:47pm Sunday 24th April 2022 by Annabelle Vaughan.