Lecturer Busily Planning Extra Work For Locked-Down Students

Lecturer Busily Planning Extra Work For Locked-Down Students

While most people are stuck at home with their schedules interrupted, one Uni lecturer is not letting lockdown stop his plans for the year. If anything, he’s planning to make it busier than ever before, with a flood of new assignments, projects and unit tests.

Physiology lecturer Dr Mas Sochist told the Critical Tribune “students will have all this extra time to study, now that they’re forced to stay at home, and they can’t go on the piss or do whatever the fuck they do outside of class. And they’ll be a lot more focused and engaged too, since there’s nothing else to distract them. If anything, I’m actually doing them a favour lining up these four online unit tests during the lockdown period.”

“All these extra assignments will be good for their mental health too,” Dr. Sochist added. “After all, you’ve got to keep yourself occupied over lockdown, right?”

While the Critical Tribune was there to watch Dr. Sochist tell his class about the extra lockdown assignments over Zoom, we could not gauge immediate reactions to his grand plans as the only student to show up to his lecture arrived 15 minutes late, and stayed muted with their camera off the whole time.

This article first appeared in Issue 21, 2021.
Posted 3:54pm Sunday 5th September 2021 by The Critical Tribune.