Editorial | Issue 3

Editorial | Issue 3

It's March Already: Hydeaway!

F or this issue (Issue 3 already!), we interviewed Kiesza. She gave an insane performance last Thursday night for the Orientation Afterparty, and we were lucky enough to meet her. She was genuine, very cool, and wore the coolest dungarees Iíve ever seen.

One of the things she spoke to us about was growing organically ó no, she wasnít talking about spray-free vegetables ó she was talking about personal and professional growth.

Kiesza talked about how she had been offered so many huge opportunities but said, ďI love people being able to discover my music and get to know me as I grow. I feel itís better to gradually build up, as opposed to just shoot up too quickly.Ē It wasnít the route she wanted to take, and she would have missed out on those unique experiences on the way up to stardom had she jumped into a place she wasnít entirely happy with.

This is pretty relevant for a fair chunk of students right now. Not that everyone is aiming to be a world-famous pop star, but itís coming up to the time of year when a lot of you have to start applying for graduation jobs. And if youíre serious about getting one of the top-dog grad jobs, it can almost feel like the workload of another paper.

As attractive as some of them might be, donít base your decision (for a job, or for a degree) on how friends, family or other important people might perceive the company to be. Look at where you want to be, who you want to associate yourself with and what the company will do for you.

At the end of the day, it is for a job. Just one job out of the many you will probably end up in. Choose something you are passionate about ó your work takes up a massive part of your life, so follow the path that will help you end up in a career youíll love.

If you fancy doing a bit more study, or changing degrees entirely, or dropping Med for hairdressing (it happens!) Ö just do it if thatís what you want. Youíll know pretty quickly if it was a dumb decision, and if each step youíve taken on the way up was one you enjoyed, then a step back wonít be such a tumble.

More metaphorical masterpieces coming next week.

Lots of love,

Josie Cochrane
Critic Editor
This article first appeared in Issue 3, 2015.
Posted 5:30pm Sunday 8th March 2015 by Josie Cochrane.