Daily Grind | Issue 09

Daily Grind | Issue 09


While strolling through the Octagon, M and G spied some eye-talian looking wicker tables and chairs between Ra Bar and The Craic. They curiously stumbled into Thistle like Edmond and Lucy into Narnia.

The quiet café had a peaceful air with an enormous glitzy chandelier, polished wood, and faux-marble tables. M could barely conceal his raging décor-boner. The barista was adorable, and still friendly even after a long day on a solo shift. M and G were drawn to the $6.50 coffee and friand deal – who doesn’t love friands? M ordered a flat white-sized cappa, and G a soy flat white. The cabinet food looked appealing, so they stacked some pistachio fudge onto the order.

M and G headed upstairs to a sneaky wee alcove on the mezzanine floor to await their coffee. They had absolutely no idea what to expect as it was the first time they’d ever been to Thistle, but had high hopes since the joint was using Zee coffee beans, which are deliciously smooth but still have a kick. The food and coffee arrived after a small wait – not long enough to be irritating, but long enough to let them know that the barista was taking his time and putting effort into the coffee. And sweet baby J that coffee was good.

M was touched by how much care they were giving the coffee. Not only do Thistle give your coffee as much attention as is required when raising a child, they serve conventional coffee sizes. Instead of the usual “regular or large?” question, they serve a latte-sized latte and a cappuccino-sized cappuccino in a jazzy red cup. The coffee composition was perfect – you could almost sleep on the foam, and the clean flavours of the long black showed that they keep their machines spick and span.

With a simple yet tasteful ambience, and being a little way away from Uni, M and G felt that Thistle was the perfect place to go for a coffee date, especially with someone embarrassing as you can hide upstairs while you get your flirt on. M and G both lapped up every last drop of their brews, a sure sign of a good coffee.

Classic choons like “Simply the Best” added to the experience. M and G can’t wait to check out Thistle’s nightlife, as it is also a restaurant and bar. The coffee and cabinet food was affordable, but the brunch and dinner menus looked to be in the $15-20 range.

Thistle is the perfect little café hideaway in the Octagon. The simple classiness makes this place one of the best cafés M and G have reviewed yet.

Location: beside The Craic in the Octagon

Rating: 5/5 Coffee Cups
This article first appeared in Issue 9, 2013.
Posted 3:14pm Sunday 28th April 2013 by M and G.