Hi Dr. Nick | Issue 05

Hi Dr. Nick | Issue 05

The Fresher Five

Hi everybody!

Last week we talked a bit about STIs and, like herpes, thatís a topic that will be coming back in the future. For now though weíre treating STIs like Dexies and shelving them for a bit. This week I want to talk about a bigger topic. A much bigger topic: fatties. Thatís right, itís the Fresher Five.

For those who donít interact with others outside of academic discussions (*cough* St Margís), the ďfresher fiveĒ is the colloquial term for the weight students put on in their first year of uni. For those who donít interact with others in any academic capacity (*cough* UniCol), ďcolloquialĒ means slang.

The fresher five isnít anything unique to Otago; itís so well established that it even has its own Wikipedia page (though so does Critic, so legitimacy clearly isnít a requirement for page allocation). Really though, the idea just makes sense. First year is the first time most kids leave the nest and suddenly youíre living in an ďall-you-can-stomachĒ hall, have a reliable weekly income, live within walking distance of Willowbankís chips, no longer have to do school sports, are stressed out and, perhaps most blame-ably, are drinking a lot of a-a-a-a-a-alcohol (which has a stonkingly high calorie count and the ability to overload your bodyís ability to break down fats).

Now thatís a pretty solid six-comma list and I could just leave it there and knock off early; but as an academic Iím simply not content cutting corners in order to save time, so letís back up the theory with evidence. Iím not gonna reference any sources though, Ďcause fuck doing that much work.

After a quick lit search, it seems the jury is still out on whether freshers become fatties any faster than others. The general consensus of the few more reputable articles seems to be that first years do gain a bit of weight (around 1.3-2.3kg) and this might be slightly faster than non-freshers of the same age. Bear in mind, smug second years, the trend doesnít stop after first year. A longer study showed that after four years of uni around 70% of students gained weight (average 5.3kg). So the fresher five is a real thing, but itís like a tourism degree Ė it takes most people four years to do one yearís worth of work.

Letís be clear; this isnít exactly stem cell or cancer research, so the studies are pretty piss-poor. At the end of the day though, the theory makes sense and youíll see it happen while youíre here. So keep an eye on your food intake and consider hitting up Unipol once or twice this year.
This article first appeared in Issue 5, 2013.
Posted 6:30pm Sunday 24th March 2013 by Dr. Nick.