Which Uni Building Are You?

Posted 1:29pm Sunday 14th March 2021 by Elliot Weir

1. How old are you?  a.             A literal baby (1) b.             A teenager (2) c.             Early 20s Read more...

EDITORIAL | I Like The Richardson Building

Posted 1:58pm Saturday 6th March 2021 by Erin Gourley

Some of you will hate me for what I’m about to write. But it has to be said. The best building on the Otago campus is not the clocktower. It’s the Richardson Building. This looming, brutalist beast is the image that should show up as the Air New Zealand icon for Dunedin. The Read more...

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dorm: Investigating Campus Superstitions

Posted 2:21pm Tuesday 2nd March 2021 by Asia Martusia King

Otago University is the mysterious old crone of tertiary education. Many spooky stories lie within her walls. She squats in her rocking chair and cackles ominously, regaling dementia-ridden urban legends and superstitions to gossipy students who love a bit of tea. Superstitions are beliefs that Read more...


Posted 2:59pm Friday 24th February 2012 by Charlotte Greenfield

Otago students are about to receive a snazzy new space to study and socialise. Those in the know, including a certain Student President, have hinted that the space will be well worth the interim annoyance from the construction currently covering the heart of the campus. The Student Union, Read more...

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