University explores subconscious undercurrents of religion

Posted 4:26pm Sunday 19th August 2012

A recent study at Otago’s Department of Psychology suggests that the fear of death subconsciously makes us more religious. Among atheists, thoughts of death correlate with an increased receptivity to religious belief at an unconscious level and growing scepticism at a conscious level. For Read more...

A Royal Affair (En kongelig affære)

Posted 10:46am Sunday 22nd July 2012

At first glance A Royal Affair screams “royal historical drama”, with all the sumptuous costumes, distractingly elaborate sets, stilted dialogue and wooden acting (paradoxically, often by the British acting elite) that the genre entails. Maybe it’s the Danish twist, but A Royal Affair some how Read more...

Elderly Forget Children’s Names, Remember to Hate Edgar

Posted 5:13pm Sunday 8th July 2012

The debate over whether students actually care about asset sales has continued, with NZUSA halfheartedly withdrawing its support from the Keep Our Assets Campaign, OUSA maintaining its neutrality, and Grey Power accusing OUSA of failing to properly communicate with its members. In May the Read more...

Harlene’s Birthday Boy

Posted 5:13pm Sunday 8th July 2012

OUSA President Logan Edgar received a birthday visit at his flat from University Vice-Chancellor Harlene Hayne, sparking concern (really just from Critic) over whether OUSA and the University are getting a little too close. Edgar explained to Critic that the visit was prompted after Edgar was Read more...

Freshers Fundamentally Misunderstand Law of Supply and Demand

Posted 5:13pm Sunday 8th July 2012

Critic has received reports of first years already signing up for flats, marking the start of the great annual student flat hunt. Further investigation revealed that this year’s spectacle pales in comparison to previous years. “Now’s not ‘early’,” a member of staff from the University of Read more...

English implores students: go Greek!

Posted 8:39pm Sunday 3rd June 2012

Students’ associations have lent their support to the criticism over changes to the student loan and allowance systems announced in the National Budget on Thursday 24 May. Following the blockade of central Auckland streets by angry students, Finance Minister Bill English taunted the students Read more...

Edgar exposes assets failure

Posted 8:39pm Sunday 3rd June 2012

The Otago University Student’s Association (OUSA) has been criticised for its failure to support the Keep Our Assets campaign, after a media faux-pas from Logan Edgar taught the OUSA President that the majority of journalists outside of Critic do not appreciate his sense of humour. In early Read more...

Otago Students Named Most Alternative: Wellington students weep

Posted 7:40pm Sunday 27th May 2012

A team of University of Otago Students has won the 2012 Alternative Budget Competition. The competition, sponsored by the Independent Policy Institute, required students to develop their own national budget in the lead-up to the Government’s announcement of the 2012/2013 budget last Read more...

Zero budget provides zero funny headlines

Posted 7:40pm Sunday 27th May 2012

The National Government announced the 2012-2013 Budget Thursday 24 May amidst student protest against the changes to the student loan and allowance system. While Bill English’s ‘zero’ Budget was generally described as political commentators as “forgettable”, “dull” and “boring”, Auckland Read more...

NZUSA wades into debate without mandate

Posted 7:58pm Sunday 20th May 2012

The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations has thrown its support behind the citizens’-initiated referendum campaign against state asset sales without consulting or informing members. Confusion has arisen after the national union presented justifications for the decisions in private Read more...

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