Landlord Leases Queen St Parking for $35 a Week

Posted 1:41pm Sunday 14th April 2024 by Hugh Askerud

A landlord has been leasing out car parks to a Queen St population battling to find a park. Eight to ten car parks have been made available for lease by the landlord after he realised his tenants only “had about three cars.” What’s shocked students is the price, with one student, Read more...

DCC Makes Bank From Parking

Posted 1:06am Monday 9th August 2021 by Sean Gourley

The Dunedin City Council raked in $1.81 million in parking fine revenue over the 2019 – 2020 period. This represented a decrease in revenue from the last two years. The cost of running the parking service has steadily increased by $210,000, from $1.95 million in 2017 – 2018 to $2.16 Read more...

New Parking Wardens Spotted in Training

Posted 1:07am Monday 9th August 2021 by Sophia Carter Peters

Fresh parking warden hatchlings have been spotted by local drivers, much to the distress of anyone who has received a parking ticket. The usually-lone parking rangers on their “motorised scooter” have been partnered up this week with trainees. This means that your risk of a parking Read more...

Otago Campus Christians Described As “Insular” and “Controversial”

Posted 10:12pm Saturday 13th March 2021 by Denzel Chung

“I lived across the street from the Campus Christians on Grange. They were weird, but not “bad weird.” They were just very exclusive, and I never saw a new face.” Kayla’s biggest problem with the Campus Christians was that they’ve “monopolised the Read more...

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