Local Produce: Rezzy Crooks

Posted 5:44pm Sunday 25th July 2021

Rezzy Crooks are now one of the OG bands on the Dunedin scene well established by many a pint night. There are four members Sam, Jamie, Toby and Josh in a classic two guitar, bass, and drums set-up.  We checked in with them to see what it takes to make it to the top and stay there, and what Read more...

Wrapping Up the History of Condoms

Posted 5:22pm Sunday 25th July 2021

Condoms could be a lot worse. The colourful history of humans trying to find a way to have sex without consequences highlights how appreciative we should be of current advances in technology, which have allowed us to have sex without dipping our penises in tar. It really makes you Read more...

How to Home Alone Your Flat: Prevent burglars with these tips from a psychopathic kid

Posted 11:18am Tuesday 13th July 2021

Flat break-ins in North Dunedin are almost more common than chlamydia. Insurance is expensive and when landlords don’t pay for basic kitchen repairs, they sure as shit aren’t going to pay for any decent home security system. So what can you do to prevent burglars taking your most prized Read more...

Local Produce: Hot Sauce Club

Posted 7:59pm Sunday 30th May 2021

Hot Sauce Club are a recent band on the Dunedin scene. They’ve taken Dunedin by storm with a continuous series of gigs since their venue debut at Starters. Their Spotify is still in the pipes at the moment but check out their Insta @hotsauceclub. The band consists of Ethan and Logan on guitar, Read more...

ECONOMIC LIPOFILLING: Landlords Rub Hands Together With Glee and Lick Lips Lasciviously at 2022 Riches as Jacinda and Grant Let Loose the MONEY PUMP

Posted 4:44pm Sunday 30th May 2021

Student allowances are set to increase by $25 in April 2022. Most students can be confident that this change will see a similar rise in rent across most of Dunedin.  The average increase in rent for next year appears to be between $10 and $20 per person, according to the students interviewed Read more...

Students Upset at Proposed Freedom Camping Rules

Posted 11:32pm Sunday 23rd May 2021

Students, known for being broke, have raised concerns that proposed changes to freedom camping regulations will limit their ability to see New Zealand.  The changes were proposed by Minister for Tourism Stuart Nash. He is from Napier, so must know a lot about places people want to visit. The Read more...

Local Produce: Sam Charlesworth: A Bedroom Is All You Need

Posted 4:58pm Sunday 16th May 2021

Sam Charlesworth is a fresher studying Studio Production, Marine Science, and Te Reo Māori here at Otago. With just “a few mics and an interface,” he has recorded a huge amount of music and has recently started playing gigs around Dunedin. Sam records all of his songs without Read more...

OUSA Bore Students with Referendum Questions

Posted 4:08pm Sunday 16th May 2021

In an attempt to send student engagement to an all-time low, OUSA has set their semesterly referendum questions to the most boring issues possible. There are only three engaging questions from the total ten questions provided. They are: “8. Should the University have the power to Read more...

#NoFap: Why some guys refuse to do the five finger shuffle

Posted 3:28pm Sunday 9th May 2021

Masturbating, fapping, wanking, marching the penguin, or making the bald man cry. Palm Sunday is a ritual for many a dusty Dunedin dude.  Most people don’t notice any negative consequences beyond the occasional wave of soul-crushing shame. But no-fappers believe masturbation creates Read more...

Local Produce: André Theis, Putting the Stud in Studio

Posted 7:50pm Sunday 2nd May 2021

André Theis is a local producer, working from a studio in his North Dunedin basement. He spends his days recording, mixing and mastering full-time with an ever expanding list of local artists. André started the studio as a Uni student, first making music out of his flat bedroom. Read more...

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