Dunedin Jobs Facebook Group Invaded by Camgirls, Spammers

Wait until they realise we don’t have any money to scam

A local Facebook group meant for promoting job opportunities has been swamped by spam and ads promoting WhatsApp camgirls. 

Dunedin Jobs, which boasts almost 18,000 members, is a “a group that facilitates posts for everyday jobs for everyday people”. More recently, they seem to be mainly facilitating jobs for WhatsApp camgirls and authors of clickbait (not us, sadly). 

While the group is still actively being used by employers and those wanting to find a job in Dunedin, an increasing number of posts appear to be spam and clickbait. When we checked, posts advertising warehousing, retail, landscaping and hospo jobs were interspersed with fail video compilations, random semi-inspirational quotes, and a puzzle which claimed that the “FIRST, 200 THAT FIND OUT MISSING NUMBER GET, $ 750 (PEPSI )”. They added that: “ITS REAL AND LEGT,” which is the universal sign for identifying a legitimate promotion. 

Additionally, the events page seems to have been overwhelmed by camgirl groups. One event, titled: “Adult dating group 21+,” was described as “[100 emoji] real”. Clicking the link leads you to a page called “adult dating group 21-60” which quite boldly claims that you can “find and find your soul mate in this group. Single men and women are waiting for you here.” Below was a list of some very sketchy looking links to WhatsApp, Messenger and Snapchat, which seemed ready to send viruses into the devices or genitals of any poor sucker horny enough to try their luck.

One student who frequents the page, Adam, was shocked by the news. He told Critic Te Arohi: “Yeah it’s bloody strange, how did it even get approval from the admins? I'm looking for a dead-end job, not porn!” Critic salutes Adam for getting his priorities straight. He added that “Surely there’s some sort of protocol that has to be followed by the admins – I think it needs to be investigated!”

Two admins are listed on the page: Dunedin-based Char Carroll, and Tauranga-based Massia St Clair, who has been preoccupied with posting content such as “NSW Police blow whistle on coronavirus deception” with the caption “World wake up.” Neither responded to Critic Te Arohi’s messages requesting comment.

This article first appeared in Issue 13, 2022.
Posted 4:49pm Sunday 29th May 2022 by Sean Gourley.