Students Obsessed With New Pyramid Scheme

Posted 10:33pm Saturday 13th March 2021 by Fox Meyer

The largest club on campus is now the Sign Up Club. Everyone so used to signing up or scanning in for Covid that there is now a club just for that. The club is formless and exists mostly as a Facebook page. But its numbers are rapidly growing. “We don’t want to overshadow Read more...

OUSSC Organising Snowy Snow Week

Posted 11:06am Sunday 16th August 2015 by Emily Duncan

The Otago University Snow Sports Club (OUSSC) is taking a group of 45 students to Wanaka from 23–28 August for Uni Snow Week, a week-long event organised and run by the OUSSC executive.  The week is comprised of organised competitive and social events. The competitive events run for Read more...

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