DCC to Buy New Lightbulbs

Posted 11:36am Sunday 27th September 2015

The DCC has announced a new draft energy plan that will showcase Dunedin’s night sky as a tourist attraction.  The initiative aims to replace all of Dunedin’s outdoor lighting with LED technology in order to reduce light pollution, giving a clearer view of the stars and the night Read more...

11 Refugee Children Killed as Boat Capsizes

Posted 12:18pm Sunday 20th September 2015

A boat carrying refugees between Turkey and Greece has capsized, killing 34 people. Of these, 11 were children and four were babies. The boat, which was said to be overcrowded with Syrian refugees, capsized off the coast of the Greek island, Famakonski. The cause is believed to be high Read more...

Marketing Students Oh So Successful

Posted 11:00am Sunday 13th September 2015

Four marketing students from the University of Otago won the Marketing Association’s National Brand Challenge competition.  Teams from seven New Zealand universities were given a real-life case submitted by the beverage company Frucor. They were asked to market a new “Sparkling Read more...

Dumb Things Still Happen in Thirties

Posted 11:00am Sunday 6th September 2015

A recent University of Otago study has confirmed that students aren’t the only ones waking up with Sunday morning woes. The study, conducted by Otago’s Jennie Connor, shows that adverse affects from drinking alcohol still occur as New Zealanders approach middle age. The study Read more...

UAE Puts a Ban on “Offending God”

Posted 11:34am Sunday 16th August 2015

At the end of July 2015, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) passed a law that prohibits discrimination against religion.  Under the new law, it is an offence to commit an act that insults God, Islam, Christianity, Judaism or houses of worship, among other things. A breach of the law, which would Read more...

OUSSC Organising Snowy Snow Week

Posted 11:06am Sunday 16th August 2015

The Otago University Snow Sports Club (OUSSC) is taking a group of 45 students to Wanaka from 23–28 August for Uni Snow Week, a week-long event organised and run by the OUSSC executive.  The week is comprised of organised competitive and social events. The competitive events run for Read more...

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