Vigil Held For Ukraine

Posted 2:40am Sunday 8th May 2022 by Zak Rudin

CW: War crimes, assault A candle-lit vigil was held in the lower Octagon to commemorate the innocent victims killed in Ukraine by the Russian military. Around 60 people were present at the event, with attendees expressing a mixture of sadness, anger and fatigue over the ongoing, violent Read more...

“Where Them Students At? Students At?” Ask Protesters

Posted 2:34pm Sunday 9th May 2021 by Denzel Chung

May 1 saw two protests happening in the Octagon simultaneously, with organisers lamenting a lack of student activism in a city once known for rowdy student-led protests.  The annual J Day protest, organised by the Ōtepoti Cannabis Collective, was designed to continue pushing for Read more...

Break out your flat-peaks, the Octagon just got gangsta.

Posted 2:34pm Friday 24th February 2012 by Gus Gawn

A gang-related stabbing occurred near the Robert Burns Statue in the Octagon early on the morning of Saturday the 18th of February. One man was hospitalised with stab wounds and another was arrested and faces charges. It is believed the long-standing rivalry between Black Power and Mongrel Mob gangs Read more...

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