Criminology Society Publish Petition Protesting Youth Bootcamps

Posted 10:32pm Sunday 19th May 2024

The Criminological Society of Otago (CSOO) has published a petition to the House of Representatives against the impending reintroduction of youth offender boot camps. CSOO is asking the government not to implement them, and “instead address the issues of inequality and deprivation that create Read more...

Salmond Fresher Catches Leith Fish With Bare Hands

Posted 8:25pm Sunday 5th May 2024

A Salmond College fresher successfully caught (and released) a massie trout in the Leith River a couple weeks ago. Johan Lokman, the resident who made the catch, reported the joys of his new-found hall clout in an interview with Critic Te Ārohi. Johan had been walking back to Salmond from Read more...

Castle Capitalism

Posted 10:24pm Friday 26th April 2024

It’s no secret that university students are short on money. Between tuition fees, the rising cost of living, and an academic workload that makes part-time work sparse, students are under a lot of financial pressure. But thanks to social media and consumer culture, a new 21st century job has Read more...

Trojan Cafe Locks Their Toilet to Students

Posted 9:56pm Friday 26th April 2024

Everyone’s favourite post-town one-stop-kebab-shop Trojan Cafe has broken hearts (and bladders) after students noticed a questionable policy preventing customers from using its bathrooms. It’s almost like they want us to piss in public.  The problem was outlined in a UoO Read more...

Botan Bongs

Posted 4:27pm Sunday 21st April 2024

To many, the Botanical Gardens are a short-cut to New World Gardens or a nice place to picnic. To members of the species Stoneri botanis (The Botan Stoner), however, the Gardens are their natural habitat. The Botan Stoner is an abundant species native to the ecosystem of Ōtepoti. This species Read more...

“Nut Free” Carrington College Serves Nuts

Posted 4:19pm Saturday 23rd March 2024

Carrington College found themselves in a tricky situation last week, after a resident allergic to peanuts unknowingly consumed a biscuit containing nuts. The student ate said sweet treat with faith in the fact that Carrington kitchen had become nut free. Yikes.  A student associated with Read more...

OUSA’s TikToker Accused of Rigging Giveaway

Posted 1:44pm Sunday 10th March 2024

The OUSA marketing team’s TikTok content creator Amber Harrison has been slammed by commenters after giving away a Hybrid Minds double pass to her ex-flatmate. A series of extremely avid Hybrid Minds fans have protested the giveaway, alleging a conspiracy designed by the TikTok-famous Amber. Read more...

Catacombs Slammed for O-Week Lineup Diversity Shortfall

Posted 5:36pm Sunday 25th February 2024

Dunedin DJs and local music punters are criticising Catacombs for its severe lack of diversity in their O-Week lineup. Despite Catacombs opening their doors to DnB artists for six nights of O-Week, the selection is distinctly fuelled by testerone, and a number of allegations suggest that Read more...

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