Mystery Object Hunt (September 18-24)

Posted 12:52pm Sunday 17th September 2017 by Critic

The line-up of wonderful celebratory days this week is something worth celebrating in itself!   Monday 18 September – Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day Sometimes there’s really no better way of expressing your feelings than how they are already written in a greeting card. Read more...

Mystery Object Hunt (September 11-17)

Posted 2:07pm Sunday 10th September 2017 by Critic

​ Did you know that September is Happy Cat Month? A cause for celebration if ever there was one!   Monday 11 September – No News is Good News Day With all this stressful news of war and climate change and Trump and the general election (please vote), it’s important Read more...

Mystery Object Hunt (August 21-27)

Posted 2:08pm Sunday 20th August 2017 by Critic

There’s a fairly wholesome week ahead, people! Enjoy the break.   Monday 21 August – Senior Citizens Day While the average Critic reader probably lacks the grey hair of today’s demographic, we all know of at least one senior citizen who deserves a medal. I for one Read more...

Mystery Object Hunt (August 14-20)

Posted 12:19pm Sunday 13th August 2017 by Critic

Harness your party hats. Inflate your balloons. Scatter the confetti. Get ready to celebrate like never before.   Monday 14 August – Gary Larson’s Birthday Nothing of importance is happening today, so I looked up famous peoples’ birthdays. Happy birthday, Read more...

Mystery Object Hunt (August 7-13)

Posted 12:46pm Sunday 6th August 2017 by Critic

We’ve got a nice mellow week of special days - definitely a cause for celebration!   Monday 7 August – Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day How does it feel when you get approximately five chips in a packet puffed full of mainly air? What about when you purchase some Read more...

Mystery Object Hunt (July 31-August 6)

Posted 12:32pm Sunday 30th July 2017 by Critic

Only four weeks left until the mid-semester break! But remember not to wish your lives away; each day counts and is worth celebrating.   Monday 31 July – Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day Close your eyes and imagine being a euphonium in this world of pianos and guitars. Can Read more...

Mystery Object Hunt (July 10-16)

Posted 12:51pm Sunday 9th July 2017 by Critic

Welcome to semester two! I trust you all spent your holidays celebrating every special day despite this column’s absence. Without further ado, here’s what’s worth celebrating this week: Monday 10th July – International Town Criers Day & Don’t Step On A Bee Read more...

Mystery Object Hunt (May 29 - June 4)

Posted 2:01pm Sunday 28th May 2017 by Critic

This week we welcome a chilly start to International Mud Month – with the rain we are having as I write this, I don’t doubt it will live up to its name.  Monday 29 May This must be my favourite day of the year: Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day. Not only is it perfectly Read more...

Mystery Object Hunt (May 22-28)

Posted 2:06pm Sunday 21st May 2017 by Critic

Day of the Day It’s a special week of special days. Here’s what’s worth celebrating this week: Monday 22 May – Sherlock Holmes Day, Accounting Day and Goth Day. Never have three such concepts come together. Get out the eyeliner, the Netflix, and your tax returns Read more...

Mystery Object Hunt (May 15-21)

Posted 1:51pm Sunday 14th May 2017 by Critic

Monday 15 May – Choclate Chip Day Relinquish your “I’ll start on Monday” diet, for it’s Chocolate Chip Day and there are few ways of celebrating that do not involve eating them. Tragic. Tuesday 16 May – Biographer's Day Biographer’s Day! Marry a Read more...

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