Mystery Object Hunt (August 21-27)

There’s a fairly wholesome week ahead, people! Enjoy the break.


Monday 21 August – Senior Citizens Day

While the average Critic reader probably lacks the grey hair of today’s demographic, we all know of at least one senior citizen who deserves a medal. I for one will be celebrating the life of Lady Olenna Tyrell. RIP.


Tuesday 22 August – Be An Angel Day

Delve within and seek the purest rays of personality you possess. Douse friends and strangers alike with this joyous incandescence.


Wednesday 23 August – Ride the Wind Day

If you have the means, today is opportune for harnessing the breeze - be it by sail, wing or kite.


Thursday 24 August – Pluto Demoted Day

Undeniably the greatest tragedy of the 21st Century so far was when our beloved Pluto was effectively fired by the Solar System. I would say to celebrate, but honestly I think I’ll be crying.


Friday 25 August – Kiss and Make Up Day

Are you currently in the midst of a dispute? Did you just argue over who could read my column first? Now is the time to reconcile your differences! Chuck in a cheeky smooch too.


Saturday 26 August – Dog (Doggo) Day

What reasonable hooman ever be doin a dislike of Mr doggo fren? Heckin none! Not pawssible.


Sunday 27 August – International Bat Night

The 21st International Bat Night will be a conservational effort to raise awareness about bats, their importance to ecosystems worldwide, and their decline and need for protection. 

This article first appeared in Issue 20, 2017.
Posted 2:08pm Sunday 20th August 2017 by Critic.