Mystery Object Hunt (September 18-24)

The line-up of wonderful celebratory days this week is something worth celebrating in itself!


Monday 18 September – Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day

Sometimes there’s really no better way of expressing your feelings than how they are already written in a greeting card. Somebody somewhere wrote that ingenious and sincerely generic poem about birthdays – make sure to give that person a hug today.


Tuesday 19 September – Talk Like a Pirate Day

ARrr me hearties! Throw on some Pirates of the Caribbean and enjoy a rum-filled evening with yer maties.


Wednesday 20 September – Pepperoni Pizza Day

Sorry vegetarians - no junk food day for you this week! But everyone can make it at least halfway by eating some form of pizza. I know, I twisted your arm didn’t I? Now you’ll have to.


Thursday 21 September – World Gratitude Day

Write a gratitude list of all that you are grateful for! (Don’t forget to add “Day Of The Day column”.)


Friday 22 September – Doodle Day

My lecture notes can vouch for my participation in this activity most days of the year – if you haven’t started the doodling habit then I highly recommend doing so now.


Saturday 23 September – Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP for all the bisexuals in the world? Bring out those rainbow flags, people.


Sunday 24 September – Punctuation Day

:-{D   *_*   >.<   @()@ 

This article first appeared in Issue 23, 2017.
Posted 12:52pm Sunday 17th September 2017 by Critic.