Mystery Object Hunt (August 14-20)

Harness your party hats. Inflate your balloons. Scatter the confetti. Get ready to celebrate like never before.


Monday 14 August – Gary Larson’s Birthday

Nothing of importance is happening today, so I looked up famous peoples’ birthdays. Happy birthday, Gaz. 


Tuesday 15 August – Relaxation Day

Last week we had Lazy Day, this week we have Relaxation Day. There are over 52 combined synonyms for ‘lazy’ and ‘relaxation’, so we could easily make a full year of this trend.


Wednesday 16 August – Wave At The Surveillance Cameras Day

Seeing a surveillance camera looking at you is more guilt-inducing than strolling past a police officer. Proclaim your innocence today by waving at the surveillance cameras that spot you.


Thursday 17 August – Black Cat Appreciation Day

It’s time to call out the fool who determined all black cats to be a sign of bad luck. What were they thinking? Black cats are fabulous.


Friday 18 August – Bad Poetry Day

Indulge in a fine evening of reading and creating the most ghastly, arrhythmic and uncultured collection of words possible. Might I suggest some Rebecca Black lyrics or some William McGonagall.


Saturday 19 August – Potato Day

Today prompts a multitude of challenging decisions: Will you eat hash browns or a baked potato? Hot chips or packet chips? Gratin or mash? Salad or soup?


Sunday 20 August – Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

Last but not least, the junk food day we’ve all been waiting for. Enjoy. 

This article first appeared in Issue 19, 2017.
Posted 12:19pm Sunday 13th August 2017 by Critic.