Mystery Object Hunt (August 7-13)

We’ve got a nice mellow week of special days - definitely a cause for celebration!


Monday 7 August – Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day

How does it feel when you get approximately five chips in a packet puffed full of mainly air? What about when you purchase some small item which is unnecessarily packaged in several layers of plastic? You can speak up about these issues, today!


Tuesday 8 August – Happiness Happens Day

Putting a smile on someone’s dial will make it all worth the while. Happiness is the best contagion there is, so be sure to radiate it!


Wednesday 9 August – Book Lovers Day

While Critic is not strictly a book, you’re off to a great start. Read your favourite book, go to a bookstore, start writing a book… Whatever it is, embrace the existence of these papery friends with enthusiasm.


Thursday 10 August – Lazy Day

Today you are excused from all responsibility. Do not set an alarm. Do not leave the house. In fact, do not even leave bed. You deserve laziness.


Friday 11 August – Play In The Sand Day

Albeit it’s currently freezing, there’s no other way to celebrate today than to revert back to your childlike instincts and head to the beach! Just wear several layers of thermals. 


Saturday 12 August – Middle Child’s Day

The middle child is consistently the butt of many jokes and assumptions nowadays. However, middle children are people too, and we must celebrate their presence, if only because they provide good grounds for humour.


Sunday 13 August – International Lefthanders Day

If you’re someone who dreads lectures in the college auditorium, can’t use ring bound books and permanently has a bluish-grey tinge to the sides of your left-hand fingers - today is for you. I feel you.

This article first appeared in Issue 18, 2017.
Posted 12:46pm Sunday 6th August 2017 by Critic.