Pick your Poison: Drug Trends in Dunedin

Posted 11:32am Sunday 16th April 2023 by Anna Robertshawe

The relationship between drugs and Dunedin party culture is probably stronger than your parent’s marriage. But much like fashion and music, taste in drugs has changed over the past few decades. Critic Te Ārohi decided to take a deep dive into Dunedin drug trends over time and ask why some Read more...

20% of Drugs Were Not as Advertised

Posted 2:28pm Sunday 2nd October 2022 by Zak Rudin

The annual drug checking report published by KnowYourStuffNZ (KYS) just dropped. Critic Te Ārohi delved into the numbers to uncover the highs and lows of drug testing over the 2021-2022 season. KYS are a “community organisation of volunteers,” operating in partnership with the Read more...

From “e-cig” to lifestyle accessory: how Big Tobacco transformed the vape

Posted 2:14pm Sunday 1st May 2022 by Denzel Chung

It’s a rapid rebranding unlike any other in history: from clumsy, unwieldy and distinctly uncool “electronic cigarette” to sleek, ubiquitous, essential lifestyle accessory. Here’s how vapes got Aotearoa in a stranglehold: a story of powerful corporations, cheap manufacturing, Read more...

Pass, Pass, Pass – Rare but severe reactions to weed

Posted 2:50pm Sunday 20th March 2022 by Lotto Ramsay

CW: Psychosis Weed is the most widely used illicit drug in New Zealand, and for good reason. Cannabis has wide applications for mental and physical health, has no reported cases of fatal overdose, and in many ways is significantly less dangerous than alcohol. The long-running Dunedin Study Read more...

The Best and Worst Hypothetical Places to Do Hypothetical Drugs in Dunedin

Posted 2:23pm Sunday 20th March 2022 by Keegan Wells, hypothetically

If anyone were to take this list seriously and try any of these things, just test your stuff, know your limits, and be safe. Also do not try crack, it will never be as fun as you think.  Weed  Best: Butterfly Exhibit at the Museum  The butterfly room is an incredible place. Read more...

Some Stuff not Known About KnowYourStuffNZ

Posted 1:17pm Sunday 20th March 2022 by Ruby Werry

KnowYourStuffNZ does not test for purity. They test for presence of a substance, and that’s what they report. The misconception that KYSNZ tests for purity is apparently rife amongst both students and our own Critic staff members. It may seem like a small difference (presence vs. purity), Read more...


Posted 1:14pm Sunday 20th March 2022 by Mary Jane

I wake up. The radio station in my head is already blaring. Too many glockies. Too many fucking glockieeees! This song has been in my head for the last 36 hours.  Oh shit, I’m hungover. I’m anxious. The podcasters who run my internal monologue are arguing again. You’ve got Read more...

Deal or No Deal

Posted 2:26pm Sunday 20th March 2022 by Justina King

From sketchy drops and Tinder swindlers to based grandmas and roleplaying dealers, buying drugs is an experience that can go a lot of ways.  Figures from the NZ Drug Foundation show that 80% of New Zealanders have tried the ol’ Wacky Tobacky by the age of 21, and 44% of adults will Read more...

Harder than He Needed to Be: Recreational Viagra

Posted 2:29pm Sunday 20th March 2022 by Fox Meyer

Viagra can make your penis feel like it’s throbbing. It can put unnecessary strain on your blood pressure, and it can lead to erections that, just like the infomercials claim, can last for more than four hours. Ross, a student here, didn’t seem to give a shit about any of that. Ross Read more...

Harder than it needed to be: Obtaining Viagra

Posted 2:30pm Sunday 20th March 2022 by Ruby Werry

For those of you keen to give casual Viagra a go, be aware that – much like in daily life – if you don’t have a dick, things are gonna be hard. Allegedly, Viagra is available over the counter at pharmacies, but there's a catch. Just like most high-level positions in government, Read more...

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