Editorial: Stay Safe, Kids

Editorial: Stay Safe, Kids

Welcome to the Drugs Issue. You may have picked that up already based on the bong-heavy design of both the cover and centrefold. We timed it to come out the week of Hyde Street Party and 4/20 – which conveniently happens to be the same day this year. I see you, OUSA.

“Drugs” is a loaded term that will elicit one of two reactions depending on your demographic: a moan (of ecstasy) or a groan. I write this after a week of encountering these exact reactions while talking about the content of the issue. There were two sticking points: the cover shoot of OUSA Exec members pretending to smoke weed and the drug review. The cover shoot we can all agree is sick, so let’s move on to the review.

Flick past the centrefold and you’ll find a ten-page drug review. It’s written by a self-described high-functioning drug user who our Instagram following voted to name Boba Ket (@criticmag xx). Boba maintains great grades in his studies, while regularly taking pretty hard drugs and mixing them all together too. Big fuck-off disclaimer here: we’re not out here endorsing this kind of drug use. The combinations described would kill a small child. 

But it was convenient to meet someone who has a lot of experience with a range of different drugs whose brain we could pick. In the 2018 Drugs Issue, one staff member took meth for the purpose of the review, for “research” – look it up. Boba’s review, however, was purely patched together from memory (what was left of it, anyway). He thoughtfully added some tips and tricks for the safe consumption of these drugs, but keep in mind that someone who takes a lot of drugs like this will inevitably speak about them in positive terms and isn’t a professional. 

We repeatedly point out in this issue that Dunedin has a pretty notorious drug scene. As Hugh aptly puts it, one drop of our wastewater could show the entirety of Gloriavale a good time. Recreational drug use is illegal but also, not really. Not here. North Dunedin is a strange microcosm of society where we’re given more leniency than the average Joe. A mate told me once about a moment they’d had leaning out their window to rip a bedtime cone, before locking eyes with a member of the public walking past on the street and remembering, “Oh yeah, this is illegal.” 

The normalisation of drug use in Dunedin can lead to some pretty scary situations. It’s very easy for a fun experience to quickly turn sour. If you plan to take drugs for Hyde St this weekend, please consult the TripSit mixing table and test them first – KnowYourStuff will have drug testing services available this week. As Boba Ket warns in the drug review, drugs are often sold as one thing while actually being something else. 

We’ve tried to include a range of perspectives on drugs in this issue, for your entertainment and your information. So with that said: happy 4/20, and stay safe out there kids.

This article first appeared in Issue 7, 2024.
Posted 1:08pm Sunday 14th April 2024 by Nina Brown.