First Ever Arts Ball A Success

Posted 4:06pm Sunday 16th May 2021 by Erin Gourley

The first ever Arts Ball at Otago took place in the Otago Museum on May 8 hosted by the School of Arts Students Society (SASS). Students who attended reckoned it was good, even though there was an inordinately high ratio of Doc Martens.  Allie Hawksworth, President of SASS, was involved in Read more...

Neil Dawson - Negative Space

Posted 1:42pm Sunday 26th July 2015 by James Thomson-Bache

As someone whose major interest and study of art lies in painting, specifically in the safety and comfort of a wall-fixed picture that orders me to stand still and “read” what I’m seeing, I initially walked straight past the front-end exhibition Negative Space at the Milford Read more...

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