Menopause: What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting

Posted 1:30pm Sunday 22nd May 2022

Menopause: the last great frontier of female biology. Well, once we get past basic female anatomy, how medicine interacts with female bodies, and not to mention general knowledge of where the clit is. Menopause is sort of like the health equivalent of sidewalk petition canvassers: everyone’s Read more...

Why is Gore the Country Music Capital of New Zealand?

Posted 8:33pm Sunday 15th May 2022

Gore is known for its big fish, suspected rates of incest, and, for some reason, country music. If we’re wondering what Gore has to do with the American South, that pretty much answers the question.  The success of country music in New Zealand, and in Gore specifically, mimics the Read more...

2022 Eurovision Song Rankings

Posted 8:24pm Sunday 15th May 2022

If you’re wondering why you should care about Eurovision as a humble Dunedin student, simply consider that New Zealand is providing the official Prosecco of Eurovision, despite not being allowed to participate. Here are the top picks according to our staff, and a complete list of all 41 Read more...

Ōtepoti’s Street Art, according to Pokémon Go

Posted 2:56am Sunday 8th May 2022

Pokémon Go will slingshot many back to the last time they were happy, full of purpose and with a sense of fulfilment: December 2016. Easily identifiable by portable chargers and narrowly avoided car crashes in their wake as they desperately tried to catch a Venusaur, most Pokémon Go Read more...

A Mermaid, a Megalodon, and a Yeti Walk into a Bar….

Posted 2:31pm Sunday 1st May 2022

Animal Planet and Discovery Channel have always ridden the wave of scientific credibility. Their programming is advertised and perceived by the general public as educational fun, the Harold the Giraffe of TV. But just like how you’ve broken all your drinking and drug promises to Harold, Animal Read more...

SCIENTIST SPEAKS OUT: Invisible Birds with IBS are REAL

Posted 2:28pm Sunday 1st May 2022

Critic gets weird messages. Some of our readers have amazing tips and info we love to hear, and some of our readers are clearly coming down from a bad trip. One of the latter was someone who called themselves “J”. J was taking a walk of shame Sunday morning, with every crunch of glass Read more...

Castle Residents Pitch In To Clean Up Their Street

Posted 12:32am Saturday 23rd April 2022

At noon on a Friday, most breathas would have still been sprawled in bed, wincing at the sunlight streaming through their ratty curtains. But on April 8, several hundred students instead had brushes and rubbish bags in hand, cleaning up the streets of North D.  The group of students, mostly Read more...

Infringing on the Fringe Festival

Posted 2:01pm Saturday 9th April 2022

The Dunedin Fringe Festival, as the website states, aims to “bring experimental contemporary art to a wider audience and to support the work of emerging artists”. The line-up saw big names in comedy like 7 Day’s Ben Hurley and Billy T nominee Jack Ansett come to entertain the Read more...

Local Produce: Oscar Thomas

Posted 6:39pm Friday 1st April 2022

Oscar Thomas is a 21-year-old wildlife photographer and author, studying Zoology and Ecology here at Otago University. Oscar is a Blake Ambassador, and a recipient of Otago’s True Young Explorers Scholarship. His book, “A Naturalist's Guide to the Birds of New Zealand'' was Read more...

The One (Flavour of Cruisers) That Got Away

Posted 5:22pm Sunday 27th March 2022

On St Paddy’s, Dunedin’s most iconic booze-slinging establishment was running notably low on green piss. Critic tried to get to the bottom of this. A Leith Liquor employee told Critic Te Arohi that while the day itself brings plenty of Paddy’s pep and outrageous outfits, Read more...

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