Critic Reviews: The Best Chinese Food in North Dunedin

Posted 4:56pm Thursday 16th August 2018

Chinese food is amazing. Simply relegating the entire genre to two words is a grave injustice. Anthony Bourdain said you can spend a lifetime studying Chinese culture and you won’t even scrape the surface. In Dunedin we are lucky to have a few good Chinese restaurants whilst having the ethnic Read more...

Critic Food Review | Twinings English Breakfast Tea

Posted 7:40pm Thursday 24th May 2018

Twinings English Breakfast Tea is the opposing force to 2018, our last hope before we descend into complete censorship. It is important to clarify that every year the big wigs who write the Oxford English Dictionary add a new word to the dictionary to represent the feeling of the times. This year Read more...

Critic Food Review | The Alternative Meat Co

Posted 5:28pm Saturday 5th May 2018

The Alternative Meat Co.’s fake chicken is everything that is wrong with 2018 all mulled into pieces of dense matter that tastes like stale farts and durries. Upon opening the packet of fake chicken you are greeted by what appears to be recycled pieces of Barbara Bush. But after a careful Read more...

Food Reviews | Lisa's Hummus

Posted 10:26pm Thursday 12th April 2018

Hummus is the best thing to come out of the Middle East since oil. Lisa’s Hummus is a sure-fire way to add an exotic blast to any average student meal. Its wonderful flavour hits your tongue like an airstrike. Nobody quite knows who actually invented hummus, but what we can be sure about is Read more...

Food Reviews | Mainland Edam Cheese

Posted 10:35pm Thursday 5th April 2018

Mainland’s Edam 1kg block is the cheese of the people (when it’s on special at the same price as the budget stuff). It is a staple of both the upper and working classes, and that strange place at the bottom of the social hierarchy that students occupy. It is to the purveyor of simple but Read more...

Food Review: Sealord Canned Tuna

Posted 5:01pm Thursday 8th March 2018

Sealord Canned Tuna is a very polarising substance. At 15 grams of protein, it’s the go-to protein source for beef-cake gym junkies who are poor, and people who claim to be vegetarian, “except when I’m pissed, hungover or stoned bro”. Honestly, if you’re not one of Read more...

Food Review | Hellers Pre-Cooked Sausages

Posted 3:53pm Saturday 24th February 2018

Hellers pre-cooked sausages are the antithesis of vegetarianism. Not only are they a meat product, which seems to be a no-go for 90% of whingeing lefties these days, but they are made of pork, lamb, beef and chicken. So unlike that Night n’ Day beef-mince pie you do the demolition job on at Read more...

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