OUSA Referendum

The second OUSA Referendum for the year will be held between the 9th-11th October. For those of you who have questions or concerns about particular questions there will be a forum on Wednesday (4th October) at 12pm which will be held downstairs at the OUSA Clubs and Societies Centre on Albany Street.

  1. That the 2018 OUSA budget be accepted in its entirety?
  2. That OUSA pay the President the equivalent of 40 hours minimum wage, the education, welfare, finance and vice-president the equivalent of 20 hours minimum wage, and all the portfolio officers the equivalent of 10 hours minimum wage?
  3. That OUSA utilise a portion of its reserves to invest in alternative income opportunities as a means of diversifying income and increasing independence?
  4. That OUSA sell the OUSA Aquatic Centre?
  5. That OUSA sell the OUSA Squash Courts?
  6. That the following amendments to the Constitution be accepted:


  • Article 37.6 be amended to read: '37.6 Every member enrolled will be entitled to exercise a vote for each Executive position by ranking any number of nominated persons, including no confidence, in order of preference, except as otherwise provided in these Rules and as follows: a. Only non-New Zealand citizen members may vote for the International Students’ Portfolio. b. Only Post Graduate members may vote for the Post Graduate Portfolio.'


  • Article 39.1 of the Constitution be amended to read: '39.1 All Executive Officers will be elected by general ballot using the alternative vote (AV) system


  1. That OUSA works to have a couple of microwaves placed in the Robertson Library?
  2. That OUSA oppose any University support staff redundancies in the University's Support Services Review?
  3. That OUSA oppose any University staff redundancies as a result of the proposed restructure within the School of Physical Education?
  4. That OUSA become a living wage employer?
  5. That OUSA amend its constitution to achieve a gender-balanced executive?
  6. That OUSA amend its constitution to limit the term of any Executive Officer to two terms?
This article first appeared in Issue 25, 2017.
Posted 9:56am Saturday 30th September 2017 by Critic.