Students Paid More through Student Job Search than Anytime in the Last Decade

Student Job Search (SJS) say that students are earning more money through their service than at any point in the last decade.

SJS, which is a not-for-profit organisation owned by all of the university students associations, connects employers and students for part time, short term, and graduate-level work. At any given time, the site lists approximately 3000 jobs, ranging from manual labour to advanced specialist positions.

The organisation reported that 27,000 students were placed into work, earning a combined $83 million for the year through to July. This was the highest combined earnings in a single year the organisation had seen since 2008.

According to a spokesperson, over 11,000 job applications had been submitted for jobs in Otago over the past year. Over 2000 students were placed into roles within the region, and over the course of the contract each student earned an average of $2567, for a total of $5.5 million for the year.

SJS CEO Tim Allen said, “We have a long relationship with Otago and OU students and love helping them earn while they study. We know Dunedin probably has one of the best employer/student relationships in the country, and think we make a positive impact on businesses in the region.”

SJS say they intend to be as present as possible on Otago’s campus and “had a fantastic time at Orientation this year”.

The next big project for SJS is a partnership programme “in order to give Otago students beneficial deals in certain areas”. They hope to work in conjunction with local businesses to prioritise roles specifically suited for students. Hell Pizza recently became the first company to come on board. “This programme will also allow us to invest in future campus activities,” the company hopes. 

This article first appeared in Issue 18, 2017.
Posted 10:50am Sunday 6th August 2017 by Joel MacManus.